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Compensation claim reports/ Medicolegal reports


Compensation claim reports/ Medicolegal reports- Dr D’Souza has expertise  in diagnosing, treating and writing medicolegal reports for those who have experienced workplace based psychological injury. These are situations where the injuries must have resulted from situations related to work.

Dr D’Souza has an excellent record of helping patients in such situations. In addition to her in depth knowledge of treating, she has an excellent understanding of the formal requirements surrounding workers compensation claims.Dr D’Souza is registered with SIRA.

For some a workplace psychological injury could have occurred after one incident, for others it could be a result of incremental long term work stress. It can affect an individual’s self-esteem, their physical health, and have long lasting consequences to their careers and personal relationships. Dr D’Souza understands the importance of effective treatment and optimal levels of care and support.

Work related anxiety and depression are significant issues that affect not just the life of the individual but also their family and in turn wider society. Work related psychological injury become additional burdens as they affect a person’s and family’s financial stability. For this reason, it is vital that such conditions are treated effectively and soon. Sufferers of work-related psychological injuries need to be able to access the right support, guidance and treatment without delay in order to regain their health and well-being.

Specialist consultations within the first three months from the date of injury will not require approval from the insurer, however all subsequent consultations will require approval from the insurer before an appointment can be made.

A preapproval from the insurance company will be required to book an initial consult.

Dr D’Souza can assist with:

  • diagnosis and assessment of psychological injury
  • assessment of  work capacity
  • provide treatment
  • assess suitability to participate in rehabilitation program
  • provide advice on alternative duties or workplace modifications
  • review proposed return to work plans to ensure duties suit capacity



Compensation claim reports/ Medicolegal reports


Assessment of permanent impairment is conducted in accordance with approved medical guidelines. They are currently the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment ; and the New South Wales WorkCover Guides for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment . Medical Practitioners who conduct permanent impairment assessments should also advise in their reports, details of relevant training they have undertaken.

A permanent injury claim cannot be made earlier than two years after the injury unless:

  • the magistrates court allows it to be made
  • the injury has stabilised


Compensation claim reports/ Medicolegal reports


Your claims manager must consider the medical professional’s diagnosis of your injury or disease to decide if it is a compensable condition.

Diagnosis is based on:

  • history
  • examination
  • testing.

A claims manager must establish whether the history on which the medical diagnosis is based is consistent with the information in your claim. If there is is an inconsistency, your claims manager can:

  • choose not to accept the medical diagnosis because it does not fully or accurately reflect the facts
  • ask the medical professional, or an independent specialist, for clarification
  • where there are conflicting medical diagnoses, make a decision based on the diagnosis with the most weight. For example, a diagnosis may have more weight because the medical professional is more highly qualified.

It is important to note that medical professionals do not determine liability. It is your claims manager’s responsibility to determine liability in accordance with Comcare’s function and powers under the SRC Act.



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Compensation claim reports/ Medicolegal reports


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