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DVA Psychiatrist – Defence Reports Australia-DVA Mental Health Claim


DVA -Psychiatrist- Defence Reports Australia-DVA Mental Health Claim



DVA Defence: Dr D’Souza has expertise in writing DVA medicolegal reports.

Initial diagnosis of mental health conditions by a Consultant Psychiatrist.

Completing permanent impairment (PI) reports for DVA.

Diagnostic Assessments

GP Management Plans


Have you had a psychological injury or become unwell as a result of your time spent in service with the ADF? If this has resulted in you being discharged on medical grounds, please contact Dr Sunita D’Souza,Psychiatrist an experienced provider of veterans health care.

Please ask your GP to fax a referral to Dr Sunita D’Souza, specifying it is for a DVA claim.


What Is A DVA Mental Health Claim?

A DVA Mental Health claim is a claim made by a former ADF member for compensation regarding the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries or diseases linked to their time in service. These claims are intended to provide financial cover for the medical, hospital and associated allied health services linked with treating eligible veterans, their spouses and dependents.

What it means?

Who is eligible?

How to get treatment?

How to add mental health cover to your White card?


As per the DVA website:

If your condition is related to service before 1 July 2004, support is available under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence-related Claims) Act 1988 (DRCA)Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA) or Defence Act 1903

If your condition is related to service on or after 1 July 2004, support is available under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA).


There is no cost to submit a claim with the DVA. Likewise, the care received during your assessment for any DVA claim support is 100% bulk-billed.

The cards available to you and your family.


What Is Permanent Impairment?

A permanent impairment essentially refers to a disabling injury, disease or illness that prohibits you from engaging in regular activities.

Current and former ADF members who have an injury or disease as a result of their ADF service, and that injury or disease has left them with some permanent impairment, may be entitled to receive compensation for that impairment from DVA. This compensation is called permanent impairment (PI) payment.



Overview of DVA benefits and services

Non-Liability Health Care (mental health) for veterans.



Medical discharges:

2.7.2 Significance of an involuntary medical (J51 – J53) discharge

A person who has been medically discharged is, virtually by definition, incapacitated for (defence) service. However, not all persons who have been medically discharged are incapacitated for (civilian) work.

The ADF requires, as a condition of continued employment, high standards of personal physical fitness and functional ability from its members. ADF members must be capable of deployment to operational service and to reliably perform physically and mentally demanding tasks under combat conditions, in locations where there may be no medical support for an ongoing condition. An injured member may therefore be medically discharged from the ADF for a failure to meet the high fitness and health standards for deployment, yet still be capable of earning an income in suitable civilian work. This is because civilian work does not require combat readiness or the ability to serve in a war zone.

Nevertheless and regardless of the residual capacity for civilian work, a medical discharge provides a medical opinion that the person is incapacitated for the full range of requirements of Defence service.

Transitioning to civilian life

Veteran healthcare cards


Open Arms can support your transition to civilian life. Call 1800 011 046 to find out what services and supports are available to you and your family during this period and beyond.

Note: If you have been medically discharged, it is important to lodge a claim through MyService as soon as possible to access tailored DVA support programs, including rehabilitation services.

When you transition out of the ADF, it’s important that you start establishing links to health professionals. This will ensure you get the health and wellbeing support you need, and establish continuity of care.

Free mental health care through DVA



DVA Mental health support services



Who to call for urgent help

If you or someone else is in crisis and needs immediate help, call one of the following:

DVA -Psychiatrist- Defence Reports- Australia


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